Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beautiful Homeschooled Kids

The kids are participating in the Science Olympiad this year. Last week we had a meeting at a local coffee shop, following Socrates Cafe, to work out all the particulars. We must have had at least 30 kids there.

Part way through the meeting, I had to excuse myself from the table to talk to a homeschool dad about some business. On my way out, a stranger stopped me to ask who all these kids were. I told her that they were the Homeschool Science Olympiad Team, made up of middle school and high school students. She told me, with excitement in her voice, "I just had to ask. I've never seen such beautiful kids before."

If this all sounds familiar, it should. I had a very similar experience, at a different coffee house, some time ago. There must be something to this homeschool/beautiful kid thing.


Alice said...

Now that is a great story!

Momto5Minnies said...

I am not a homeschool parent YET, but I am planning it for next year. I have 5 beautiful girls(11,8,6,4, and 16 mos) and I hope that they will stay true to who they are ... be confident young ladies. Most of your typical teens are just trying to fit in and probably don't "feel" beautiful in their own skin. I think people exude beauty when they feel happiness and peace inside .

What a wonderful compliment from that person in the coffee shop.

Mary Z said...

I hear the same comment -- often! I've had to look at "why", and I agree with your previous post. My homeschooled kids have bright, eager faces and sparkling eyes. In my years teaching in a high school classroom, it was a rare child whose brightness (beauty) hadn't faded. We've also pinpointed adequate sleep, a decent diet and plenty of exercise as factors that help maintain/retain the beauty. Yes, there is "something" to this!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Ye, yes-- and: have you noticed the indifferent, empty faces of teens in general today? That's why people see the difference. (Mary Z., your kids are absolutely gorgeous so of course you'd have heard it before! :-)

Mary Z said...

Ah, but Ana, it's the same "beauty" yours share -- delight in God's creation and an eagerness to know more about it. We are blessed!