Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We Went to the World Series!

Some weeks ago, Rob's boss in Detroit told us if the Cards ended up in the World Series with the Tigers, he would give us his season tickets to one of the games. He is a man of his word. Thank you Barry!

If you are a Cardinals fan attending a World Series game in Detroit . . .

. . . you will make lots of new friends.
. . . people will yell incredibly stupid stuff at you like, "Pujols is fat" and "McGwire does steroids."
. . . you better wear gloves, thermal socks, long johns, two sweatshirts, a coat, and a rain poncho because it'll be 45 degrees and sleeting.
. . . and you call your dad to tell him that you're at the game, the first thing he'll say to you is, "Do you have warm boots on?"
. . . and you spot another Cards fan, you'll feel compelled to run up and give her big hug!

It's been a decade since I've been to a Cardinals game. I forgot how much I enjoyed them. It is especially fun to attend a Cards game in Detroit when the stakes are high. Incredibly high.


Anonymous said...

Substitute Yankees for Cardinals and you'd be my husband's dream woman, Maureen, as I can't muster that kind of excitement about going to a baseball game in cold sleet. :-)

Glad to hear you had such a great time!

Maureen said...


I think the Yankees is the only team to go to the World Series more than the Cardinals.

I went to Best Buy last night to buy an antennae for the TV so we could watch the game here, rather than bugging our friends. The sales clerk didn't want to help me when he found I was a Cardinals fan - lol.

Then the antennae didn't work. The sales clerk suggested going to a bar :-).