Monday, October 30, 2006

PopeStNick5: To Be a Father

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Title: To Be a Father: 200 Promises That Will Transform You, Your Marriage, And Your Family
Author: Stephen Gabriel
Publisher: Spence Publishing Co.
Date Published: Sept. 2006
ISBN: 189062666X
Price: 12.95
Comments: Review by Mike Aquilina


Anonymous said...

How frustrating ... my library does not have it. In fact my library does not house a lot of "catholic" books.

I am not used to living in the bible belt of AR ... I am a JERSEY girl who has ventured into MO, CA, and now AR. This is a less "catholic" state than any place I have lived.

I do look forward to our next stop (either OH or NJ).


Maureen said...

How about Jersey Girl Library Evangelist in Arkansas! Maybe if you and all your friends sent in enough purchase requests, your library would buy a few good Catholic titles.

My library ( used to only carry the bad kind of Catholic books -- those written by anti-Catholics and by Catholic dissidents. Now, you'll find books by JP2, Ratzinger, Hahn, Aquilina, and more.

See for ideas on how to, and what to, suggest. The files and links may be helpful too, with articles and support.

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the link ... I will have to make some "requests" ;)