Friday, October 20, 2006

Politics and Baseball

The governor's race in Michigan is too close to call. The outcome may come down to who wins the World Series. For real.

As reported on the radio, Governor Jennifer Granholm's poll numbers went up considerably when the Tigers won the pennant. Apparently, when people feel good, they vote for the incumbent.

Never mind researching the issues and looking at character. What matters is: Do you feel good?

Gov. Granholm is a Catholic, a convert to the faith. This has been cause for scandal, as she is also pro-choice, supporter of embryonic stem cell research, and recipient of Emily's List funds. Her opponent, Dick DeVos, is pro-life and pro-family.

Pro-lifers everywhere need to start praying for the Cardinals' win.


Anonymous said...


Granholm is pro-family as well but I have serious concerns with DeVos’ character.

This letter to the editor points out that his past is littered with incidents where he puts himself before others. He is busy trying to find loopholes in the system instead of focusing on what’s good for Michigan. He may have run a successful business but does that make him qualified to run the state?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that he may be Catholic but his self-serving actions tell a different story.

Running for Office or Promoting Amway?

Maureen said...

Actually, Dick DeVos is not Catholic. Though I would admit that many of his positions are more Catholic than Gov. Granholm's.

My husband worked with Mr. DeVos many years ago in educational reform. Having met him personally, I strongly disagree that Mr. DeVos is self-serving. I found him to be a man of great character.

Anonymous said...

Actually it will be really good for Michigan if the Tigers win. Detroit needs some good publicity or the city won't ever get on its feet again, and winning the World Series is just the thing to get that started. GO TIGERS!