Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Books In the Mail

The mailman has been bringing new books to my house nearly everyday for the past week. I love the mailman!

First I got Mike Aquilina's newly expanded version of The Fathers of the Church. I'd tell you all about it, except teen son took off with it. He's planning on making it his religion course for the school year.

Then I got Steve Ray's newest book Faith for Beginners: Understanding the Creeds. I started reading it last night, it looks really good. I think it would make a great gift for a new convert or confirmation student. (Did you know that Steve is a homeschooler? I had heard rumors, but didn't know for sure until I stumbled onto his homeschool page a few weeks ago. Cool!)

For Rob, the mailman delivered OSV's updated version of Why Catholics Don't give . . . And What Can Be Done About It. Rob is the board president of the Catholic Education Foundation in our diocese and fundraising advice is always welcomed!

Next on Rob's "to read" pile is Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge. I may read this one when he's done since I my great-grandfather was a high-ranking Mason. (He converted to Catholicism on him deathbed -- remind to tell you the story sometime. It's a great story.)

For my outdoors enthusiast teens, Sir Mailman brought Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord: Encountering the Sacred in the great Outdoors by Fr. Joseph Classen. I can't wait to hear the kids' feedback on it.

For me, Fr. Groeschel's latest book was delivered. The Virtue Driven Life is now at the top of my "to read" pile!

For the littles, we got the Catholic Bible for Children, and for the middles, Year of the Black Pony.

God bless the mailman!


Love2Learn Mom said...

Hmm. We must be on the the same lists. I got all of the above except for Steve Ray's book.

I love Mike Aquilina's book so far. Can't wait to spend some more time with it.

I'd love to hear the story about your great-grandfather - sounds fascinating! We bought our old house from a rather high-ranking Mason (we didn't know until we sorted through some of the junk he left behind - bizarre!).

Anonymous said...


I LOVE getting books in the mail. I had a bunch of books coming to me from different places about 3 weeks ago. It was so exciting.

I am sure my husband will be wondering when he gets the AMEX bill.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Here is a reminder--to tell your grandfather's story! :-)