Monday, November 27, 2006

I Love Verts!

I was having breakfast with some girlfriends recently when one of the moms got on the subject of sacred music. She's an ex-Catholic who recently returned to the Faith. A revert, as opposed to a convert. You couldn't help but get pumped up listening to her - she was so on fire about music and all things Catholic.

It was then that my dear friend Ann exclaimed, "I just love verts!!!"

I couldn't help but crack up. I never heard converts and reverts referred to as "verts." I think Ann has coined a new phrase.

And she's right. I love hearing the conversion stories of new Catholics. They seem to have a fire burining in them. They come to the Church, not because they were born into it, but because they chose it. They know more about the Catholic Church than many cradle Catholics in the pews.

However, I've never really thought too much about reverts. Perhaps, because I'm one of them. Yes, I left the Church for a while and then came back. It's a long story, but in a nutshell: I had a wild, misspent youth. I didn't leave the Catholic Church for Protestantism or any other organized religion. I was, well, quite frankly, a heathen.

I've long envied those of you who have always been in the bosom of Mother Church. Those of you who have always loved Church teaching. Those of you who have always lived Church teaching. Oh, to have few reqrets and know that you have pleased your Lord!

I can't change the past. Only the future. I don't make excuses or justifications for past sins, but I try to learn from them. Hopefully I'm doing a good enough job that people will someday look at me and say, "I just love verts!"


Anonymous said...

I love it ... "verts"!

You are absolutely right in knowing that we can't change our past. Your outlook of the future regarding your faith is wonderful.

I am a cradle Catholic turned heathen, who is now trying to be a better "practicing" Catholic.

Here is my embarrassing secret. Up until this year I had never heard the term "cradle Catholic".

Adrienne said...

It seems to me that faith isn't really faith when someone's following something blindly, but when someone looks at choices and explores things and chooses faith, it's so much more meaningful. I've always thought the Amish were onto something with the way they encourage their young adults to explore the world and then choose whether or not they want to continue in the Amish faith and way of life. It's a way of systemizing forcing people to really think and make a conscious choice.

Maureen Wittmann said...

Hey Momto5Minnies, we could start a new club!

Yes, Adrienne, it sure is better to choose than to just have something foisted upon you.

God wants us to freely choose Him.

I hope I can raise my children well in enough that they'll freely choose to always stay in the Church.

It's so hard to get back on the path once you've stepped off of it.