Monday, July 30, 2007

Catholic Mom: Ideas for Preschool Science and Math

My monthly column at Catholic Mom is up. In fact, it's probably been up for a while and I just missed it. It's been a crazy summer!
Some homeschoolers prefer a structured curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. Me? I prefer to hold off on formal academics until first grade.

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Jen Ambrose said...

Great column. This is a subject that is of great interest around here, particularly since my almost-four-year-old is naturally curious about life and physical sciences and mathematics. He also wants to do formal school work, so we are looking into workbooks this year.

When he helps with cooking, particularly baking, we talk about the order in which indredients are combined separately and then together. My background is manufacturing, so I compare making brownies to making what daddy makes. We combine the dry ingredients here, the wet ingredients here, and then put them together. Also, we talk a little bit about the difference between banana bread and, say, cookies. Why don't we put baking powder in cookies, we ask each other.