Friday, July 06, 2007

It's a Sale!

I have lots of stuff left over from conferences and would like to make some space in my house. If you're interested in any of the following items, I can take Paypal (including credit cards) to mwittlans at aol dot com. Or you can mail a check. Just drop me an email HERE for the address.

The Catholic Homeschool Companion by Maureen Wittmann and Rachel Mackson - The ultimate homeschooling book!
$20 (This is a 20% savings!), plus $3 s/h

Catholic Homeschooling 101 with Steve Wood and Maureen Wittmann - This is an audio CD of an interview I did with Steve. Perfect gift for the new or wannabe homeschooler, or to give to a unapproving spouse or parent.
$8 (Another 20% savings!), plus $2 s/h

Renaissance Puzzle Book and Unit Study by Maureen Wittmann - This is a booklet based on my children's history co-op. Includes reading lists and fun puzzles to help you create an enjoyable learning experience.
$7, plus $1 s/h

Middle Ages Puzzle Book and Unit Study by Maureen Wittmann - The Middle Ages version of the above.
$7, plus $1 s/h

If you want anything autographed, please let me know who to address it to. (Don't want to sign it to you if it's a gift to your brother-in-law!)

I'm sorry, but I can only take U.S. orders. With the new postal regulations it costs a fortune to mail outside the U.S. ($18 to ship The Companion to Canada!)

Order all four and I'll throw in shipping and handling for free! My husband is tired of tripping over boxes in our bedroom, so please order today!

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Mary Ann said...

Hi Maureen,

I got my puzzle books the other day and they are great. With my two favorite Catholic history curricula (History Links and Connect with History) being incomplete past ancients, these booklets will give me a starting point for Medieval and Renaissance next year.