Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google Status

I like to check my stat counter every so often (you can check too if you want -- it's in the sidebar all the way down). It's so interesting to me to see how people came to find my blog. Also interesting is what they Google in order to find me. For example, if you Google "muzzleloading blog" I'm number 15 on the list . . .

Adoremus books coupon code, 4
Catholic homeschool mother's planner, 10
maureen whittman blog, 1 (even when you spell my name wrong, you can find me)
homeschool science olympiad, 5
the mystery of Harry Potter, 4
mini meatloafs, 3
catholic homeschooling blog, 13
catholic homeschool literature, 27
homeschool shooting sports, 2
maureen, 26
Holly Pierlot, 5
life of fred stan schmidt, 1


Alice Gunther said...

Well, however they find you, they are coming to a good place!

I always find those google search terms so interesting!

Maureen said...

Thank you Alice, you're so sweet.

I once had someone find my blog by googling, "should i tell my future daughter-in-law that my son has asperger syndrome." I wanted to shout at the computer, "YES, of course you should tell her!!!"