Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Field Guides

Teen Son and Teen Daughter 1 have been poring over field guides and books on tracking animals all week in preparation for their MYHEC competition this weekend.

This has inspired the younger kids to pull out their own field guides and nature books.

I love field guides. They're great to take on camping trips and to have on hand for nature walks. Gosh, we've pulled them out to identify creatures in our own backyard.

The National Audubon Society has a series out just for the younger kids (grade to middle school) called First Field Guides. They're great. They're simplified versions of the full-fledged field guides.

See if you can find them at your library and if you like them, buy some to have on hand. You can find them pretty cheap used. Some books require ownership such as good reference books. The First Field Guides fit that bill. (If you click on the covers, you'll go to the page to read reviews.)

PS If you're a Blogger expert, can you give me a tutorial on how to upload multiple graphics so they look nice and neat? I don't think Moms Who Blog have approached this topic yet, have they?

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xxxxxx said...

Peterson's has a good field guide for wildflowers that we have found very useful...along with the guide by Mrs Star Dana. Can't think of the title off hand with the kids in motion...