Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Washington Times Famous

Last night, Rob was sitting at the kitchen table reading the weekly edition of the Washington Times while I curled up on the living room couch poring over kitchen makeover books. Here is the conversation that flowed between rooms:

Rob: Maureen!
Me: Yes?
Rob: You made the Washington Times!
Me: Huh?
Rob: You're mentioned in the Washington Times!
Me: Me?
Rob: Yes.
Me: By name?
Rob: Well, not by name. But it's you! You're famous!

What happened was that Pete Vere's review of Nancy Brown's book The Mystery of Harry Potter made the Washington Times. In the review, Pete writes, "Then one day, she discovered that another Catholic mother from her home-schooling circle considered the books to be good children's literature."

I'm the "Catholic mother from her home-schooling circle."

I'm famous. Sort of.


Pete Vere said...

Had I known it was you, I would have mentioned you by name!

Simple Faith and Life said...

You didn't write "Humor" in the labels so I hope it's okay that I laughed with this post. Great delivery, Maureen.

Pete Vere said...

Shoot. Had I known you were the mysterious friend, I would have interviewed you too for the story!

Maureen said...

Hi MM! I added Humor to the tags. It's okay to laugh :-).

Great review Pete, even if you didn't get my name. And congrats for making the Times! That's a byline I'd love to have under my blet.

EC Gefroh said...

Good because I laughed too!

Nancy C. Brown said...

Dear Maureen and Pete,
Had I know that if Pete had known that Maureen was the person, I would have mentioned your name and all would have worked out. Sorry everyone.

I always hesitate to mention someone's name when I speak for fear the person may or may not want to be mentioned, and as I can't stop in the middle of an interview and ask, I usually just go with not mentioning it.

Sorry, Maureen. I know that this episode would have made you rich and famous, and now I'm responsible. *tears up* I'll regret this all my life *sobbing*.

Or not.

OK, I'm over it.

Maureen said...

Hey, if my name had been mentioned, then I wouldn't have gotten such a good laugh!

Now stop your sobbing -- you're more than forgiven.


Anonymous said...

I think it's exciting she is a "mysterious friend". That's even better than being mentioned by name!