Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Discerning Harry Potter

In the past, I've recommended parents read as much as they can about Harry Potter, pointing them toward a whole slew of resources, in order to help them discern whether or not HP was for their family. Nancy Brown's recent blog posts on gnosticism, combined with some completely off-the-wall anti-HP articles I've recently discovered, have made me realize that parents should just read HP for themselves and then make up their own minds about it.


xxxxxx said...

Amen Maureen.

Anonymous said...

It's what I did! But way before there were so many articles telling me what Harry Potter was about.

I'm glad I didn't know, because I just read it and found a fun, non problematic book. then as the series went on, I found an awesome tale with great morals and a heavy dose of Christian philosophy.

All the articles telling what the book is REALLY about might cause someone to see those things, even if they are not there. Yes, that big rock MUST BE THE LOCH NESS MONSTER because I know it's in this lake.