Thursday, May 15, 2008

Decorating with Books

I'm at the library checking out books on decorating. Rob and I have rented the same house for the past 14 years and our landlord likes white walls and beige carpets. Now that I own my own home, I'm going to have fun! I'm planning some bright, bold colors!

Anyhoo, I just had to stop at the computer and tell you about this one cool book I found: Decorating with Books.

Here I've been beating myself up because I can't part with my thousands of books. I have six large bookshelves in my living room alone. Then there are the bookshelves in the basement, in the kid's rooms, in Rob's office. Gosh, I've got books stashed in the master bathroom!

I did try to purge my shelves. I managed to sell 30 books on CathSwap and I did give quite a few to St. Vincent dePaul, but it hardly made a dent.

But, now, I need not feel guilty any longer. I can decorate with my books!


Anonymous said...

You mean everyone doesn't have books in their master bathroom and every other room of the house? I already decorate with books by default, so I will definitely have to look for that book.

Anonymous said...

I likes! I do! I must get this book for my mother-in-law, a self-professed bibliophile.