Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Please Buy My Books

Moving day has been set. May 31st and June 1st we make the trek with all of our worldly belongings to our new home in our new city.

I really, really do not want to move 400 books. I'd rather ship them from my front porch to your mailbox. So, I'm offering a bulk deal to you and your friends. (Of course, you are welcomed to buy individual books by clicking on the button(s) in the sidebar. Note that I don't plan on raising the postage cost until after I move, even though the post office has raised their prices.)

If you would like to take orders for my new Catholic homeschooling book For the Love of Literature on behalf of your homeschool support group and friends, I'll give you a nice deal. If you order ten or more books it's only $11.50 per copy of For the Love of Literature, all autographed, plus $1.00 per book for Priority Shipping (to a single address). I can take PayPal, including credit cards, or checks.

If you'd like to substitute The Catholic Homeschool Companion to make up your 10 or more books, I can offer those for a 10% discount at $22.50 per autographed book. Again, only $1.00 per book for Priority Shipping.

For the person taking the order, I'll add a FREE copy of the audio CD Catholic Homeschooling 101.

Email me HERE to make arrangements.


Annie said...

Maureen! Hi! (Annie Kitching here). I have not read all the CHURCH e-mails and didn't realize you were moving! Where to???

I stumbled on your blog regarding Confirmation last spring while planning ours. I do think that Bishops are under a huge pressure. When a Bishop has a lot of parishes (and every Confirmation takes the better part of a morning or evening) that is a LOT of time. I much prefer the Bishop sending delegates.

Realize I should be responding on THAT post, not this one. Sorry.

Anyway.... Greetings! Wish us luck at our Confirmation Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you I understand how difficult it can be moving on YOUR BIRTHDAY. love Chrissy

Maureen said...

Hi Annie! How neat to find out that you have a blog! We're moving to Howell. Close enough to Lansing that we'll still be able to see our friends on occasion and close enough that we'll be able to see Rob for dinner again! We'll be praying for all the STA Confirmation candidates!

Thanks Chrissy! Actually moving on my birthday won't be so bad. All my friends will be there and we'll have lots of pizza. Hey, I may even have a beer ;-)

Maureen said...

I meant to say, "close enought to Detroit that we'll be able to see Rob again."