Thursday, May 08, 2008

We Have Shingles

One would think that if you homeschool, your children are less likely to get sick. After all, they wouldn't be surrounded by 25 to 30 germ-carrying children each school day. In fact, my oldest son was a lot healthier when I pulled him out of daycare and I became a SAHM all those years ago.

Yet, this has been a killer year for us, sickness wise. We had the killer flu, strep throat, scarlatina, and now Princess Rose has shingles. If you're not familiar with shingles, it shows up when someone who has already had chicken pox has been exposed to the virus again. It's usually associated with older people whose immune systems have weakened, but it can show up in children. In fact, I got it when I was 16. It's painful and takes at least a few weeks to clear up.

And, just because we don't have enough sickness, Teen Daughter 2 woke up with a sore throat this morning. Even though she finished her second round of antibiotics for strep throat a couple of days ago. I guess we'll have to go into the doctor for yet another culture.

I think next school year we'll stay in the house and hibernate. Who needs outside socialization anyway? They've got brothers and sisters to play with.


Anonymous said...

Oh Maureen, I'm sooo sorry!

It really isn't about where your children attend school- some years are sick years. The more you've been sick, the more trashed your immune system gets, the lower your defences are for the next bout.

This year many people we know got the horrible flu and all sorts of nasty bugs... thought we had escaped. Then we had a couple of months of flu, intestinal illnesses, and then more intestinal illnesses. We finally gave up and stopped going anywhere except outside!

Hope dd heals soon!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

'Hope you're all feeling better! This just seems to be a bad year for illness:-(