Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mary's Books

When you go to a lot of homeschooling conferences across the country like me, you get to know a lot of the vendors. You see them everywhere you go and soon you develop friendships. And they're all such interesting people -- making their living by serving fellow Catholic homeschoolers. There's Tom at Adoremus Books, Michele from Family-Centered Press, Fran of Illuminated Ink and Mary from Mary's Books (named for the Blessed Mother not the owner).

If you've been to a homeschool conference, you just may have met Mary. She's the one with tons and tons of used books. A virtual goldmine. A huge temptation for those of us with book-addiction issues.

Recently, Mary has taken on the task of bringing back to print books of old. She is currently working on a series of saint biographies -- In The Footsteps of Saints. Make sure to check them out. And if you see Mary at the homeschool conference tell her I say, "Hey."

1 comment:

Heather said...

Mary's Books is awesome.
She's the reason my husband is on a budget (both dollars and number) when we go to the Michigan conference.