Monday, October 06, 2008

2008 Homeschool Blog Awards

It's time to start thinking about your favorite blogs. The Homeschool Blog Awards for 2008 are about to start. Nominations will start next week: Monday, Oct. 13. I'm happy to see there is a Thrifty Homeschooler category and hope that THE Thrifty Homeschooler gets nominated. Although I've been lax in posting there. I guess I should get to work if I want a nomination!

I'd also like to see No Question Left Behind nominated for Best Group Teen Blog but I'm not sure that it would qualify. A good number of the team members are homeschooled but the blog is written with all teens in mind.

You'll find most of my favorite homeschool blogs in the sidebar (though I do need to update the blogroll). I'll make sure to visit them this week as I'd like to make a few nominations come Monday. If a blog helps me in being a better homeschooler I'd sure like to see them recognized formally.

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