Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Irish and Teen Blogs

One of the cool things about the Internet and blogging is that you get a glimpse into the world outside of the United States. Now and then you stumble onto a Catholic blogger from England or Australia or elsewhere. You see that they are dealing with the same joys and same struggles with their faith and with the Church. It adds, I think, new meaning to the Body of Christ.

Sometimes you even stumble upon blogs from God's country, the homeland of my ancestors, Ireland. Thanks to Sitemeter, I discovered an Irish blogger who discovered No Question Left Behind and had a few kinds words for the teen authors:
I was wandering around the web earlier and by following a link from a favourite site to another site to another and so on, I found these great guys (and gals). They answer in plain and simple English common but occasionally difficult questions about the Faith, mostly from teenagers. This site is brilliant and deserves a big prize! What they want however is not a prize but a heavenly patron, so go over here and help them pick one. (SUBTLE HINT: St Augustine is not only very cool but also spent some time answering random questions from members of his community.)
Thank you so very much

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