Friday, March 06, 2009

What Do Homeschool Dads Need Most

I need some opinions here. Actually, I think what I need are some questions. Or, how about both?

The next Homeschool Connections webinar is going to be hosted by Dr. Mary Kay Clark and Gene McGuirk and the topic is Homeschool Dads: Husband, Father, and Teacher. We'd like to have some advance questions prepared for them.

So, what would you like to hear about in a talk designed for dads? What kind of questions would you like to pose to Dr. Clark and Deacon McGuirk? Please leave your questions, comments, and ideas below and I'll see to it that they get passed on.
Dr. Mary Kay Clark and Gene McGuirk discuss with you the significance a dad can have in the success in everyone's homeschool efforts.

If you are a dad, they will provide you practical advice and encouragement on how to be the best homeschool dad you can be. If you are a mom, they will provide you insight on how to leverage the expertise of your husband. Please come and participate in this wonderful discussion with some of the most experienced homeschoolers around.
Now, go get your man and yourself signed up for that there free & live webinar.


Anonymous said...

Should we really expect dads to be teachers in our homeschools? Isn't it enough that they're out there slaying dragons all day so that we can stay home with the kids?

Alice R.

Anonymous said...

My husband helps out if I ask him to, but I have to be rather exact in my requests. I wish he would help me lesson plan - I think two heads would be better than one in that area.

I finally got to watch the recording of your organizational tips seminar. I was so surprised to see my messy home school closet in your powerpoint! I had to laugh because another photo in that set on flickr is of my nice clean classroom area with our big home-made white board, which is surely the one I would've picked ;)
We've since moved and now I am trying to organize all over again. Sigh.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Dan said...

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Anonymous said...

What this homeschool dad needs most is a quiet bathroom!


Anonymous said...

How do you survive on one income in this economy?


Rob said...

How not to act like a jerk when we come home to a house that is messy because our pregnant wife has been busy homeschooling the other 11 kids and doesn't have the time or energy to keep the house spotless

a different rob

Rob said...

Oh and how can we best support our wives in this most important but often times difficult task?

Anonymous said...

How about:
1. Does a homeschooling dad need support from other homeschool dads like us moms do? Where can he find it?
2. How do we make him the final authoritarian/principal, if he is not home all day?
Thank you and God bless!

Maureen said...

All great questions -- thank you!!! They've been passed onto Dr. Clark and Deacon McGuirk for tonight's webinar. I hope to see you all there!