Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 16: The Preciousness of Life

This week a tragedy struck some of our very dear friends. A car accident. Not fatal. Not even critical. But very serious. Mom, Dad, and 5 of the 8 children were in the family minivan on their way to Scouts when an ice storm hit. Details are not completely clear yet but it appears that another minivan heading in the opposite direction lost control and hit our friends head on.

Before I go on, let me remind you all of the importance of wearing seat belts. This would be a completely different post if our friends were not buckled in. The 3-year old suffered facial injuries/factures when his car seat flew into the seat in front of him but he is alive. Two other children suffered broken collar bones, but they are alive. One child's femur was shattered but she is alive. Another child was feared to have internal injuries but is fine now and is alive. Dad's hand is broken, but he is alive. Finally, both of Mom's ankles are broken and her lung collapsed but she is wonderfully, gloriously alive.

This is a reminder to all of us that life can change in a mere second. Sometimes because of our own doing but other times through no fault of our own, like when another car hits a patch of ice. Are you prepared for such a drastic change in your life? Will you be blindsided or prepared?

Lent is all about sacrifice. Giving of ourselves to God and to others. Our 40-Days project has not, should not, be about us. It is about giving glory to God. It is about giving to our families.

It is through such sacrificial love that our friends will survive this accident. Oh, I don't mean physically. But mentally and spiritually. All week there has been talk of God's mercy and grace. Of His undying love. That is what will help them heal.

God has also put into place already the material instruments to help them financially and with the everyday things. How is a mother to care for her husband and 5 injured children when she herself is seriously injured? Because of this mother's commitment to selflessly serving others in her homeschool and faith communities, people are lining up to lend a helping hand. Her example of servitude has been an inspiration to the rest of us long before this accident.

God is good.

Will you please join me in offering up today's work for this family? For their physical and mental healing, for financial recovery, and that they continue to see God's hand and goodness in everything.

Today's Plan:
Morning: Surface clean the living room
Afternoon: Boys' closets
Evening: Spiritual reading


Ma said...

Oh, Maureen!! God bless that precious family!! They will certainly be in our prayers and thank you for sharing. God is good, all of the time!!!!

Cecilia said...

Wow.. Maureen, its so scaring how life can change so quick in matter of seconds. Is there anything we can do to help out this friend from afar? We will keep them in our prayers.