Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Three: FAIL Blog

Yesterday was one of those days. Plans were made. Plans were dashed. The 27 Fling Boogie did not get done. Does this mean that my 40-day plan is a fail? Does that mean I'm a failure? No! I'm only a failure if I let this setback set the tone for the next 37 days. I'm only a failure if I say, "I obviously can't do this so I'm giving up on the plan."

Instead, I'm going to shake myself off and start anew today. I'll go with my plan for today. If I find time, and I may as there is far less on my plate today, then I'll do the 27 Fling Boogie. But if I don't get to it then I'm not going to let it worry me.

If you get off track, just get back on and keep going. Don't worry about catching up. Do what you can do today.

Today's plan:
Morning: Clean interior windows & tidy school room
Afternoon: 5-minute tidy in 4 different rooms with timer.
Bedtime: Spiritual reading.

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evann said...

I knew I would have some days like this, so yesterday I went ahead! Checked off day 13 & 14 of Part 1, and day 9 & 10 of Part 2. I was covering for ya, Maureen!