Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Twelve: 40 Dirty Jobs for Lent

My friend Jeanette wrote on her Facebook page last week, "Thank you to my friend, Maureen Wittmann, for inspiring me to make a list of 40 Dirty Jobs to do as a sacrifice for lent. Today is Day 5 and is freezer defrosting day."

40 Dirty Jobs List! I love it. Getting down and dirty for Lent! What a great visual. Then we'll all emerge on Easter beautiful and clean. Yeah!

Today's Plan:
Morning: Clean all door knobs, phones, remote controls, switch plates,banisters, and are things that are repeatedly touched. A good job after your house has been hit with sickness!
Afternoon: Attack the boys' closets (come looking for me if I don't make it out by dinner).

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