Monday, March 07, 2011

Prep Work for 40 Days to a Clean and Organized Home

Your assignment for today or tomorrow is to:
  1. Grab a pencil and paper
  2. Write in the columns the numbers 1 to 40
  3. Block off each week. Remember 6 days to a week because Sunday is a day off.
  4. Go through your house and write down what you want to tackle
  5. Remember baby steps. Do a little each day and it will add up. If you write down 40 HUGE jobs, you'll get overwhelmed and nothing will get done.
Here is what I did:

I'm going to clean this up and type it out to post later. This is only one part of my total plan. What I'd like to do is a 2-part plan. This is the organizing part of the plan. I'm also putting together a cleaning part. I promise to have it all posted by tomorrow morning.


JOYfilled Family said...

i'm called to work on regaining order in my home. i like to get a jump start pre-lent. i hope to get deeper into my cleaning/simplifying throughout lent. i'm not sure that i will be posting my efforts. limiting my computer time is another thing i'll be working on.
know that you will be in my prayers for a fruitful lenten season.
pax Christi - lena

Leah said...

I am definitely "in". My house and family have been screaming to be more organized.. keeping CHAOS out (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) (coined from Flylady)

I know that we will find so much more peace when we have less stuff and know where the stuff we need is.

I am looking forward to this. Thanks Maureen.