Sunday, December 18, 2005

Moldy Bread

I did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen this week and discovered a partial loaf of moldy bread behind the microwave. It appeared to have been hiding there for quite a long time, perhaps months.

If I were a good homeschooler, I would have pulled it out and called all the children into the kitchen for a teachable moment. I would have quickly built a unit study around the plastic bag full of mold. I would have sent DH to the library for books on Louis Pasteur and penicillin. I would have had the children put on the rubber gloves and pull out the microscope. I would have engaged the children in a Socratic discussion, gently guiding them toward correct conclusions about the science of mold. I would have planned a field trip to the bread baking factory, taken pictures for our scrapbook, added mold-related words to our vocabulary and spelling lists, and had the children write a thesis paper on why they should check behind the microwave when cleaning the kitchen.

Perhaps we could have taken some rabbit trails and made posters about food poisoning and lapbooks about whole wheat versus white.

But, I was too grossed out to be a good homeschooler. Instead, I squealed and tossed the icky stuff in the trash can outside.

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