Sunday, December 30, 2007

Delayed Revenge

My Uncle Ralph began his academic career as a sociology professor. On the first day of class he would always tell a story about my parents. It's one of those stories that is also retold at family gatherings whenever someone new is in attendance.

You see, it was my parents' first Christmas as a married couple. My dad, anxious to help his young bride set up her kitchen for entertaining, gave her a coffee pot as a gift. My mom put it away in the kitchen without a word.

The next year, their second Christmas together, my dad opened his gift from my mom and found it to be an ashtray. My dad, surprised, said, "I don't smoke." My mom replied, "I don't drink coffee."


Anonymous said...

Ha! Great story. I'm afraid I wouldn't have had such patience . . . or such a good idea of how to make my point! And thanks for the update on your Christmas Eve, too. Now I think I'll be able to get to sleep tonight. ;)

Friar Suppliers said...

ROTFL!!!!! Your mom is priceless!

Karen Edmisten said...

That is hilarious!