Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Linky Link

A few links to brighten your day:

We're a Homeschool Family
This is a hysterical video set to the music of The Adams Family theme song. It might be describes as Weird Al for the homeschool set. My kids have watched it at least 10 times already and have memorized the song.

Real People, Real Miracles
Heartwarming Christmas stories from Readers Digest. Get the Kleenex.

Flexibility At Its Finest
Mary Jo's latest column is up at Catholic Exchange.
For those of you who have read my column, I am a self-admitted Type-A German (T. A. G., for short). Flexibility is not a character trait we types are born with. We have to learn it. Sometimes the hard way. For me, this was the homeschool adventure.

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Renee said...

That homeschool family video is GREAT. Are they an actual family? Who are they???