Monday, December 03, 2007

LOL Update

The Patron Saints of Publishers have come through! The printer of For the Love of Literature says the print job is on schedule for December 7th. Joan is driving up here Thursday evening and we'll go to Grand Rapids together to pick up 48 44-lb. boxes. Or is it 44 48-lb. boxes? Either way, we're picking up LOTS of books. We'll get all the pre-orders packaged up and mailed out to you that same day. My web guy is having some technical trouble, but I'll let you know as soon as I have it for sale on my website. Of course, you can always order directly from Ecce Homo Press (make sure to check out the historical fiction while you're there - they make great Christmas presents for the kids!).

Now, we must ask St. Christopher to help Joan get here safely and keep the roads clear of ice and snow!

Addendum: Joan still has the pre-publication special up at her website. This means that you can pick up For the Love of Literature for $9.55 instead of 12.95! Also, you can still pick up The Catholic Homeschool Companion for 20% off at my website (click on Books). I'm not sure how long these two deals will be up. It all depends on how quick our web people can put up the new changes. Could be today, but more likely it'll be Wed. or Thurs.

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