Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Have Awesome Friends

My friend Mary Jo emailed me this morning:

I finally had a chance last night to sit down and look at the book. It is fabulous!!!!!!!!! Great job. You have really done home schoolers a great service. Even Karen looked at it - before I did. She said, "Mom, this is an awesome book." It is really well-done. I'm so proud of you!!!!

Thank you Mary Jo!


House of Brungardt said...

Your book just came in the mail yesterday and before I had a chance to look through it, my husband picked it up and spent a little time looking through it and pronounced it "a valuable resource." I am anxious to have a turn, once our sickie kids get better!


Anonymous said...

I'm late for your party! Just posted a link on my blog.

Maureen at Trinity Prep School

Marianne Elizabeth said...

I am so thrilled to have been given your book for Christmas by a dear friend. I have been really enjoying it and can't wait to rearrange my books in my library into the lovely order you have laid out in your literature lists!

Maureen said...


What nice friends you have! Thank you for your kind words. It's nice to know that strangers like my book too :-). I hope it continues to enhance your homeschool!