Sunday, December 30, 2007

What I Got for Christmans

Sharon asks in the comment box:
Ummm . . . are you forgetting something? Did you ever find out why your dear husband wanted you out of the house so badly?? Please don't leave us hanging! :)

I'm sorry to keep you all in suspense! I think he just wanted to get my presents into the house and wrapped without me around.

Rob did really good this year. He got me brand new knives in a butcher's block. I've been needing new kitchen knives forever, but hesitated buying them as I wanted good ones and they're expensive. He also got me all new pots and pans. My old ones were all missing handles and looking quite dented. I also got a lovely art deco teapot. I had been boiling my water for tea in one of the old dented pots, so the teapot was really appreciated. For the family, he got a popcorn popper and a toaster. I know it sounds funny to give the kids a toaster -- but they were so excited. We've never owned a toaster -- just an old beaten up toaster oven (the one TD2 caught on fire). They've been toasting bread and popping corn like crazy for the past 5 days!

Now you know the whole scoop.


Connie's Daughter said...

Just so you know, Maureen, chicken nuggets can also catch a toaster oven on fire, especially if a toddler tries to help by pushing the switch all the way 450 degrees, or whatever the highest setting is. (I can't check on that because our toaster oven wasn't useable afterwards. Must have had something to do with the flames that leapt out of it trying to reach the cupboard doors.)

Thanks for the update about your Christmas! BTW, you're to be commended for not letting the sewer back-up spoil your spirit! Did Rob like his sweatshirts? ;-)

Maureen said...

He did like them, though one was too big and he took it back the day after Christmas. He ended up coming home with all kinds of bargains (70% off!). Since he's lost weight he's really needed new clothes.

Maureen said...

Now that's Blackened Chicken!!! Lucky the house didn't burn down!!!

Connie's Daughter said...

What a great reason to have to buy new clothes! (I'm assuming weight loss equals good here. At least I hope so!)

Yes, we were very fortunate that we didn't have a full-blown kitchen fire. A week later we were at dinner and this same darling child was fascinated with the lit Advent candle. I told him not to blow it out. He didn't. Instead he tried to put it out with a napkin, which promptly caught fire! My dh reacted immediately, knocked the flaming napkin out of ds's hand and stamped out the flames with his own bare hand. Amazingly, and thankfully, no one was hurt!