Monday, January 19, 2009

"As for homeschooling, I'm strictly against it."

There is an interesting conversation going on over at Sr. Mary Martha's blog regarding homeschooling. Go pay a visit and leave your two cents. Though I do ask that you please be charitable in leaving comments. Things are on the verge of getting heated and we don't want that. Better to convert through joy than strong arming. (And perhaps point out that, yes, not all public school kids go on to be doctors, perhaps some even go to community college to get their GEDs.)

NOTE: The blog title is a quote from a comment left at Sister's blog and not from Sister herself. Read the comments for more . . .


Sister Mary Martha said...

My goodness, I hope you didn't misunderstand me to say that I am strictly against homeschooling. My post was a tongue in cheek affirmation to the hard work that goes into home schooling.

There is quite the discussion.

As I said, my hat is off to the homeschoolers. They have made a brave choice that not too long ago was downright trailblazing.

Maureen said...

Oh gosh Sister no. I'm so sorry that my header appears to make that inference. I was quoting one of the comments left.

I loved your post.

Sister Mary Martha said...