Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will You March for Life?

Every year when I go on the March for Life I come home saying, "That was awesome but I'm not going again." I commit to helping the teens get there but swear I'll be staying home next time. It's just a lot on my auto-immune-impaired body. And, yet, here I am, once again, packing to go on the March for Life.

Today the most pro-abortion, pro-infanticide president took the oath of office. How can I stay home?

When I dropped Christian off at Franciscan University a few weeks ago one of his friends commented that he wasn't going on the March for Life this year. It was great last year but just too darn cold. This made me think of Father Ronald Lawler, God rest his soul.

Fr. Lawler never missed the March even in his old age and failing health. In fact, he didn't even miss the March for Life in his final year. His dear friend Mike Aquilina told me, "We didn't think he was going to make it. We thought he was going to die right there at the March."

If Fr. Lawler, that sweet dear old man, could endure the frigid, wet cold marching amongst hundreds of thousands of people, who am I to stay home? Who am I to stay silent?

Fr. Lawler, please pray for all of us as we stand up for Truth and March for Life.


Mary G said...

We're all going up to DC on Thursday .... from dh all the way down to 6 yo! We'll go on the parish bus (altho dh will go on his high school bus) and we may be chilled, we may be made fun of ... but we'll be there!

Prayers for all who do something on Jan 22nd!

Maureen said...

And it won't be all that chilly. Last I checked the temp will be around 43 and sunny! I pray it holds!

Look for us around the Franciscan University banner. Email me mwittlans@aol.com if you'd like my cell number so we can try to meet up.

We'll also attend Mass in the crypt after the March. I think it's at 5 PM.

A lot of our friends are going to a March at the state capitol in Lansing. If people can't make the DC March there are plenty of other activities around the country.

And if you can't make any of those then make it a day of prayer, perhaps offering up a few rosaries for an end to abortion.

Dawn said...

My family and I are also heading up to the March tomorrow. I can't imagine not going. I, too , am praying the weather holds up. Like Mary G., we are going on a parish bus. But I'll look for your banner.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

I've never had a lot of stamina for prolonged physical activities. Sometimes I just want to lie down and take a ten minute nap. I don't suppose that will be convenient. :) And crowds?...Yikes!

It will be my first year and I'm excited (even if nervous).

I really hope we get to meet up. I will be looking for you.


Gretchen said...

This is my first year at the March for Life. It just seems imperative to go. Our banner is a Rosary with the words "Blessed is the fruit of your womb". We're from NY. It's nice to know so many people are committed to standing up for the civil right to life of the unborn.