Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to Teach with Real Books

Anyone out there feeling less than gung-ho about getting back to the grindstone after the Christmas break? If you're struggling with a little winter burnout then join me for the upcoming Homeschool Connection webinars. I promise to help you put the excitement back into the school year.

Here are the online seminars Walter Crawford and I have in store for you:
Feb. 4 -- How to Teach History with Real Books
Mar. 4 -- How to Teach Art and Music Appreciation with Real Books
Apr. 1 -- How to Teach Math and Science with Real Books

Literature isn't just for reading! You can teach math, science, language arts, and more using living books. This series of three talks on the topic of teaching through real books is an extension of Maureen's book For the Love of Literature.

Do you have fond memories of your high school history textbook? Of memorizing dates in grade school? Of endless history lectures in college. If not, then toss the textbooks and join us for an uplifting and fun talk on how to teach history with living literature. Bring to your children a love for learning after attending How to Teach History with Real Books.

Do you have a love for beautiful art and music? Would you like to share that love with your children? Would you like to learn about all of the beautiful books available for children and young adults? Do you yearn for uplifting books that not only teach but help to create a joy for learning? If so, How to Teach Art and Music Appreciation with Real Books is the talk for you.

Have you ever said out loud, "I hate math!" Or, "Math was my worst subject!" Was science always a tough subject for you? Do you struggle wondering how you can bring the fullness of the subject to your children? Would you like them to see God's hand in these discipline? If so, you've come to the right place.

In How to Teach Math and Science with Real Books Maureen will show you how to let go of your math and science phobia and keep from passing it onto your children. Math can be fun and interesting. Really. You just need to look at it in a new light. Science can go beyond the kitchen experiments and come alive in a child's imagination. Really.

Maureen will bring lots of books with her for show and tell. You'll leave this online seminar loaded with book titles, fresh ideas, and practical tips. You won't want to miss it!
There is a $10 fee for each live talk. The fee also allows you to watch the recorded event at a later date with no additional cost. The Thrifty Homeschooler in me has to tell you that you are more than welcome to invite a friend or two over for Mom's Night Out and split the cost of the live online seminar.

If you can't attend a live talk but would like to see a recorded version it will be available at a later date for only $4.

I hope to see several of you there -- these live online seminars are way fun to do and to attend!

Addendum: It has come to my attention that if you own a Mac you cannot see the live video of the presenter even though you can hear the live audio, participate in the live chat, and view the Power Point Presentation. However, you can see the video in the recorded session (which is free if you paid for the live event). Hopefully, this will be fixed before February but if it isn't you'll want to keep that in mind before paying for the live event. Another option is to watch it with a friend who owns a PC or wait and simply purchase the recorded version later. If you'd like to complain to Webex go to


EcceHomoPress said...

Very cool, Maureen! Great job...

Anonymous said...


In the entire economy of this idea I'm all for it!!! There are so many things that can go (and do) wrong when at a conference. The nice thing is that as I've grown older, my hearing poorer, it will be nice to know that a crying infant won't be causing me to miss out. Not that I haven't had my own at my share of conferences. But, I know you all know what I'm getting at.

There isn't anything quite like going in person, and rubbing shoulders with real folks. But, it always has struck me as ironic that we speak about being great moms, but if we are speakers, need to leave our mothering in another person(s) hands, and then have to play catch-up afterward.

While conferences have been nice vacation venues for our family over the years, they were also very expensive. So ... go for it! I believe that these will be
the wave of the future. No more booking halls, finding out that the promised projectors don't exist, or that you have to pay for an expensive lunch you hadn't planned on. Or, the hotel has decided that you can't have a refrigerator in your room (as promised) because you aren't diabetic and food becomes an issue
trying to feed everyone, and knowing ice own't keep the food you did bring adequately chilled. "Here kids, stuff yourselves, for tomorrow we starve!"

I must be having cabin fever up here! lol.