Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Catholic Bible Study for Third Graders?

I received the following question in my inbox:
My wife and I are looking for bible study program for our daughter. She is in third grade, learning the Baltimore Cat. and has had first communion. Is there a study program that does more bible than doctrine? I think we have church tradition going well but would like to dig deeper with her into sacred scripture.

What's your opinion here? Please leave any suggestions, tips, and ideas in the comment box. Thank you!


Dawn said...

A Child's Bible History by Most Rev F.J Knecht, D.D.

Textbook reprinted by Tan Books. Written for children between the ages of eight and ten. It tells, in short chapters, different Bible stories. The first half is the Old Testament starting with Creation, the Fall and the stories of Joseph and Moses. The second half covers the New Testament from the Annunciation to Jesus' Ascension. Imprimatur. Black and white illustrations. Answer key available. 1973 Copyright. Original copyright 1936 by B. Herder Book Co. 7 x 5 inches. Soft cover. 87 pp.

You can find this at the Seton Catalog website:
They even have an answer key available.

Tobins said...

On a recent program (that might have been a re-airing of an older show) Johnnette Benkovic was talking to a woman who'd created the Simon Peter School Scripture Study program. It sounded very good. My understanding is that it is now used in all/most parishes in the woman's diocese (Little Rock, AR, I think) and has gotten praise elsewhere. I think it's available from
I've also heard good reviews of the Come and See Kids Bible study series for kids. It's published by Emmaus Road or CUF. Sorry all this info is rather vague, but my kids are older and these aren't things I've really looked at myself -- your preferred search engine should help you learn more!

Anonymous said...

The Catecism is out and the bible is in "now" that the pope wants us to read it.
There are a lot of good stores in the bible for all to learn. Both young and old.

Jennifer in TX said...

I am using the Great Adventure Bible Study for teens (T3) with my 13 year old and we are learning so much. :) I have just heard that Ascension Press has a new version of Jeff Cavins' bible study for elementary-aged kids. It looks very good! Link:

Anonymous said...

I would get 2 things: a good religion program from one of the Catholic homeschool sites and an actual children's Bible for them to read to their daughter. I don't suggest an adult's Bible- which has some really dry or racy (especially Old Testament)parts for a child. Like history, just get her familiar with the people and events. As she gets older talk deeper and deeper about it. And get into metier parts.

ekbell said...

A good Children's Bible for that age and purpose is the _Bible for Young Catholics_ by Heffernan. It has an brief introduction for each book of the bible and provides at least a sample for each book.

At the back of the _Bible for Young Catholics_ there is additional information including some useful suggestions for helping your children learn more about the various parts of the Bible .