Sunday, January 11, 2009

My New Grand Niece

"Dad, is she cute?"
"Well, you know newborns aren't much too look at."
"Well, it's true. But this one is a beauty. I've never seen a more beautiful baby."

When you're 72 you say what you think.

He is right about one thing -- she is a beauty! I'm so sad that she'll be months old before I can get to St. Louis to see her in person. I think I'll have my niece bottle some of that new baby smell for me and pop it in the mail.


love2learnmom said...

Totally cute - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

This makes you GreatAunt Maureen, not that you wern't a Great Aunt before:) This is my favorite picture too. That look is so her mother. This is the hardest part of being away from family, your nieces and nephews continue to grow while your away. Miss you ALL Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Aw, she is SO adorable!