Monday, November 05, 2007

Catholic Homeschoolers Online

A couple of things online for you to check out this morning.

First up is an interview I did with none other than our own Margaret Mary. If you're just dying to learn a little more about me and For the Love of Literature, link on over and tell all your friends.
That's a harder question to answer than one may think. I can't think of when this first occurred to me.

I've always loved talking about books with my friends. I think speaking and writing on the topic was just a natural extension of those conversations.
Next up is Mary jo's regular Monday column at Catholic Exchange. This week's topic is: When You Hit a Stubborn Streak.
Reluctancy. What homeschooler has not experienced it? And, if you've got more than one child, I know you have one that is so reluctant you might be tempted also to label him "stubborn."

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