Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Mosaic by Cay Gibson

Christmas Mosaic: An Illustrated Book Study for Advent and Christmas Books came in the mail last week, but I was too busy preparing to go home for Thanksgiving, as well as deer hunting with the kid (no deer yet, so we'll be going out again this week) to take a peek at it.

I finally opened Christmas Mosaic up today and I love it. But, then, I don't think I've ever met a book about books that I didn't at least like very much.

Christmas Mosaic is very much like its predecessor, Catholic Mosaic. It features favorite picture books and gives you the tools you need to turn them into learning adventures.

Now, I am not one for overdoing the activities and academic lessons, as I think that sometimes children just need to enjoy a book. However, I like very much having those ideas, vocabulary words, questions to ponder, activities, etc. on hand. They give me the tools I need when a child gets excited about a book and wants to explore more. I don't give out discussion questions as a lesson per se, but I read them to myself in advance, and then I look absolutely brilliant when the kids and I talk about the book.

Christmas Mosaic features 30 picture books that can be read during Advent to help you and the children prepare for Christmas. Thirty books is way more than you could ever read in one season, so pick and choose a few this year and a few others next year, etc. This book will be a treasure to use for many years to come.
Thank you Cay for Christmas Mosaic!

Now I'm off to the library website to put some Christmas books on hold.

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