Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prayers for the Huff Family

My dear readers, it is with great sadness that I write this morning. Yesterday morning, Christopher Huff, not quite 6-years old, died in his sleep. Christopher had a life long battle with a variety of medical issues, though this was not expected. As one friend put it, "Christopher will have no more suffering in this life. He has added his voice to the heavenly choir. " Yet, those left behind still grieve, of course. Please pray for Scott and Pattie Huff and their children.

Some of you may recall that Pattie was a regular columnist for Heart & Mind until taking a sabatical to care for Christopher. She also wrote for The Catholic Homeschool Companion. In fact, her essay on teaching fine art is one of the most popular pieces in that book.

I emailed Pattie yesterday asking if I could present her prayer request to you and she responded this morning, "Yes!" So, here is Pattie's letter from yesterday:

Dear Friends -

It is with a bittersweet tone that I write to you today. Christopher passed away in his sleep this morning. We believe it was related to his airway issues. We have the autopsy results in a couple of hours.

Please pray for our family as we need lots of grace from God to weather this storm. Amanda reminded me this morning that God never makes a mistake. We know that Christopher is in the company of the angels and saints and has seen God face-to-face this morning. He is in a better place without pain or breathing difficulties or feeling hungry.

We are all surprised by his death. He had been doing so well. In fact, yesterday I took him to drum-making workshop and he had a wonderful time. He slept with his drum last night.

As you can imagine the kids are pretty broken up, so please pray that they may find
peace and acceptance. We haven't made any arrangements yet. I will try to pass along another email when we know. At the earliest, I think, the funeral will be Monday late afternoon or early evening.

Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Pattie & Scott

Let us all wrap this family in prayer, especially today and the upcoming weeks.

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