Thursday, November 15, 2007

LOL PRE-Publication Discount Extended!

I got a very excited phone call from Joan today. She got the proofs for For the Love Of Literature and they look fantastic! It was a difficult book to layout with all those reading lists, top-10 lists, resource information, and so much more.

And there's more good news! Joan is extending the prepublication special on For the Love of Literature to November 27th. That's another week of 20% off the book, plus 10% off the entire order. (I love Joan's historical fiction!) Time to go Christmas shopping!

The official release date is December 7, 2007.

To get your extra 10% off, just place your order HERE and then enter the discount code: LOVELIT. Easy as pie.


Renee said...

You made my family's Christmas shopping easy this year. I sent your book's link to my dh and three elder children with a BIG hint. I think I know what I'm getting for Christmas.
Did I mention you're soon going to need your own shelf on a bookcase in our house? teehee

Maureen said...

Well, you know Renee I have to write at least 5 more books, as all my children expect at least one book dedicated to them individually. The Companion is dedicated to Teen Son and LOL is dedicated to Teen Daughter One. And if Rob wants one dedicated to him too -- that's 6 more books! I better start thinking up some book ideas!

(The Treasury is dedicated to my parents and the nuns in grade school.)