Monday, November 12, 2007

Prayer Requests and Updates

Thank you all for praying for Buster. The MRI came back negative. Which is positive news! Now that we've ruled out the bad awful stuff, we can start looking for a less sinister reason for his troubles.

Please pray for my sister-in-law Sue who has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. The prognosis looks good and it appears to be in the very early stages. She has an appointment with the oncologist today and she would love a few extra prayers her way.

Please also continue to pray for Joan's son, John. He's having a few complications. He'll be okay, but it is a very lot for a young boy to have to deal with.

And, finally, please pray for our Catholic homeschool community: That we do all things to build up His Kingdom!

Thank you, my dear prayer warriors!


M.E. said...

Glad to hear the good news... now I'll pray that you can find some answers, and will pray for the other intentions you list as well.

Nancy C. Brown said...

I will add these to my list.

I remember a time when I used to offer up a whole rosary for an intention.

These days, each bead gets a new intention!