Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Congress Made Me Late!

Congress made me late yesterday.

I went to pick up Teen Son from the community college yesterday morning. After waiting about 5 minutes, I noticed that the car clock said 9:05 AM. TS doesn't get out of school until 10 AM. I could've sworn that it was 10:00, but the clock said 9. So, I double checked with the digital clock across the street from the Capital. It said 9:06 AM. I chalked it up to brain fog and headed off to the coffee shop to grab a bagel and steamer to keep me busy for the next hour.

When I finally picked up Teen Son, I exclaimed, "You wouldn't believe what I did! I came to pick you up at 9 instead of 10! So, I went to Beaners for an hour." TS looked at me, with that pitiful look reserved for middle aged mothers, and gently said, "Mom, it's 11."

Then I had to race home to get Teen Daughter 2, who had Latin Club at 11:15 AM, all the while apologizing to TS about a thousand times.

So, how did Congress make me late? Well, here's what happened. Turns out that the car clock, and clocks all over the city, were pre-programmed to fall back an hour last weekend. The problem is that Congress decided to move Daylight Savings Time back a week -- next weekend. Apparently my congressman forgot to tell my car's clock.

Hopefully, I'll remember to manually change the house clocks this weekend and won't be late picking up Teen Son again. Or, would I be early? I'm so confused.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Saturday night, Big Girl told me we were supposed to change clocks back this weekend. I actually had to go look it up because it was on her calendar! (Dollar Store calendars should not always be trusted for dates, BTW.)

I really loathe Daylight Savings Time. Messes up the kids' sleeping schedules every time. :-P

Renee said...

Here in Germany we DID change our clocks this weekend. Now I'm all confused as to the time difference between us and the east coast of the US..... but once ya'll change your clocks next weekend, all will be back to normal.

Simple Faith and Life said...

I want to be able to write almost as funny as you some day. :)