Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saint Costumes

The following is an email and review from my friend Maria in Kansas City. I attended the KC Catholic homeschooling conference this last year and saw, up close and personal, the costumes that Maria speaks of in her email. They are gorgeous!

I have been working hard with a friend of mine for the past few months helping her expand her dress up business to include a much wider variety of saints and religious in addition to the more standard fare of knights and princesses, etc. *We are also working on providing small unit studies to accompany each costume. We're not yet certain when we can have that ready, but we're working hard on it. The unit studies will include: biographical information, interesting stories, additional resources and historical fiction for further study, special prayers, customs and traditions, recipes and sometimes short plays or skits for those who enjoy making history come alive by reliving it. :) Pray that we can do everything we hope to do! :)

Debbie is now taking orders at her new website:

If you want to order something, do not wait. For the past two years Debbie has had to tell procrastinators that she cannot fill the order they placed because they waited until the last few days before Halloween to order. Our Coats of Many Colors is a small business
which is currently well stocked but which can't yet handle huge volumes of last minute sales. If you want something, order it now and you will get it. For further information, contact Debbie at

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