Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cub Scouts at the Police Station

If you take your Cub Scout pack for a field trip to the police station, you'll be quite entertained by their questions for the staff. You'll hear things like:

"So, you ever been tazered?"
"You ever kill a guy?"
"Do the inmates like the food here?"
"If you have a bullet-proof vest on, does it hurt less when the criminals punch you?"
"What do you do if the bad guys don't want to go to jail?"
"Do you have a latte machine?"

And there'll be conversations such as:
"Have you ever put a guy in the electric chair?"
"We don't have the death penalty in Michigan. We just put them in prison for life."
"So, have you ever gone into a cell and found bones."
"Um, no. We incarcerate them while they're alive, not for eternity."

Nine-year-old boys sure come up with some crazy ideas.

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