Thursday, February 08, 2007

February Funk and Virtual Conferences

I recently received the full set of 2006 conference tapes from the Michigan Catholic Home Educators. I've really been enjoying listening to them. It's almost like attending a virtual winter conference.

In The Catholic Homeschool Companion, Nicola Martinez wrote about The February Funk. If you've been homeschooling for a while, you know just what Nicola is talking about. It's just about this time that we find ourselves in a bit of a slump. Sometimes, frustration and doubts creep in too.

Now is a good time to find some homeschooling inspiration. Some ideas:
-- Have your own private mid-year homeschool conference by listening to conference tapes.
-- Pull out your back copies of Heart and Mind.
-- Pick up your favorite homeschooling book.
-- Make a list of all the positive reasons you chose homeschooling.
-- If you own The Catholic Homeschool Companion, read The February Funk.
-- Have a mom's night out with your homeschooling friends. (Only fun - no complaining.)

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