Saturday, February 17, 2007

Suggesting Catholic Homeschool Resources

Today, in searching for something completely different, I stumbled upon this review at the Keeping It Catholic website.

I was surprised because this is a review the web master pulled some years ago. The reason it was pulled was that it contains completely erroneous information.
Not exactly the specifically "Catholic" treasure expected, the book's resource section should be read and used with prudential discernment as it recommends many anti-Catholic publishers and Protestant homeschool catalogs.

Rachel Mackson and I took great strides to keep the resource section of A Catholic Homeschool Treasury Catholic. You will not find a single Protestant catalog company or anti-Catholic publisher anywhere in the resource section. Not one.

A Catholic Homeschool Treasury is no longer in print, but I still think it important to set the record straight.

Addendum: I did a little searching and found Keeping It Catholic's current page with the corrected review. It must be a cyber glitch that the erroneous review is still available online.


Simple Faith and Life said...

Is there a way you could contact Keeping It Catholic to get them to take that out of their pages? If you found this today, then the webmaster apparently only *thought* he/she "pulled it". If they want to go to my website, they would a few find things they wouldn't like (because I set up a few pages specifically to help new non-Catholic homeschoolers whom I sometimes met)...but your books? No way. That organization (Keeping It Catholic)is so very concerned about error, and this is a very serious error on their part! (Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears? :) ).

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember that book! It was fantastic...and my only claim to being a published author. *smile*

Blessings for a peaceful Sunday. love, Dani

Anonymous said...


I couldn't find a link to your email, so am posting here. Do you know that the advertisement that comes up (tonight anyhow) above your image for The Catholic Homeschool Companion is an add for planned parenthood action illinois? Do you have any control over what pops up there? At least any call to refuse?

It's funny, in a way, because I assume these ads are the sort that are assigned by certain key words that come up at your site. Well, at least they are in some way paying for about the worst placement as possible.

Thanks for your blog!