Sunday, February 18, 2007

Google Ads

Chris pointed out in the combox that a Google ad appeared on this blog for Planned Parenthood.

There are two approaches I can take to fix this problem. One, I could encourage you all to click on the PP ads, forcing them to dole out $$ for each click. However, that wouldn't be honest.

The better solution is to let me know when you see an ad that doesn't belong on a family blog. If you leave the URL in the combox, I can then go to Google and ask them to block that particular advertisement.

This problem started because I've blogged so much on the March for Life in the past month that I'm getting tons of ads related to adoption and abortion. My guess is that soon enough Google will be back to nice little homeschool ads. But, if I'm wrong, and this keeps up, I'll have Google remove the ads all together.

Thanks everyone.

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