Monday, February 25, 2008

Faith Magazine Gets LOL

My new issue of Faith: The Magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing came in the mail Saturday. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a blurb about For the Love of Literature:
A new book for home-schooling moms
Maureen Wittman (sic) is a home-schooling mom of seven children. She is also a well-established author and editor in the world of Catholic literature. Her most recent work, For the Love of Literature, has received much praise. The book is meant to help other home-educating Catholic moms but is a valuable resource to any parent. For the Love of Literature contains a lifetime reading plan, easy-to-implement tips and ideas, top picks by grade for every subject and literary guides for every family member. For more information, contact Joan Stromberg at Ecce Homo Press, call 868-305-8362 or visit

Thank you Faith Magazine. Thank you very much!

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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Maureen, I have been on the fence about your book, but I am now going to save up to get a copy. I'm trying to preview books for Big Girl (I wrote here, but I offer a language alert), and have been deeply disturbed by the content of some of the books that are considered "classics" for children. I'm also starting to be pretty fed-up with "family" movies, including some rated "G" stuff.

Thanks for helping with such a great idea. I can't wait to get a copy now.