Thursday, February 28, 2008

LOL Reviews at Amazon

Alicia Van Hecke and Mary Ellen Barrett both have written their take on For the Love of Literature over at Thank you Alicia and Mary Ellen for the 5 star reviews!

If you prefer ordering from Amazon, the books are available there now. Though they're not discounted there -- I don't know why. However, they do have it bundled with Nancy Brown's The Father Brown Reader which I find very cool.

If you prefer autographed author copies, you can order For the Love of Literature (as well as The Catholic Homeschool Companion) directly from me. Just click on the Add to Cart button(s) in the sidebar. If you'd like a book personalized, please leave a comment for me with your order. (Autographed books are so fun!)


Whimsy said...

You mean they laughed out loud when they read your book?


Maureen said...

I hope so! There's nothin' more fun than laughing out loud!

The proper acronym of For the Love of Literature is FTLOL, but it's so much more interesting to shrten it to LOL!