Friday, February 01, 2008

Joy is a Wonderful Thing

Emily, almost 13, was a last minute addition to our bus. I'm so glad that she was able to join us in Washington to March for Life!

Joy is a wonderful thing. Spending time with solid friends is important, especially when it brings friends together for a good cause.

The March for Life was amazing, in a sad way. I got to see thousands of Christians come together in one spot to protest something we all believe in. Although there was joy, a sense of friendship everywhere, the seriousness of the March impacted everyone.

Killing unborn babies is completely and utterly inhumane. Politicians rail against the war in Iraq because American citizens are dying, but the soldiers can protect themselves. The March for Life was hopefully an inspiration to our leaders, telling them that the American people will not be still until the defenseless have their right, a right for life. This country was founded on the principles of freedom. That same freedom should extend to all people, even the unborn.

The laughter of friendship and the sights on the March for Life only doubled my joy of being in Washington D.C., hopefully the multitude of pro-life Americans accomplished good things that day.


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