Saturday, September 13, 2008

The All Saints Day Costumes Arrived

I'm not beneath bribery when it comes to motivating kids to do work. Not a bit. So, when the mail lady delivered the new costumes last Saturday from Our Coats of Many Colors I didn't let Super Boy and Princess Rose open the package right away even though they begged. Oh, I was tempted. I really, really wanted to see the costumes myself, but I needed the Saturday chores done. And, golly, you wouldn't believe the amount of work a 6- and an 8-old can get done, or the speed, when there is a big huge package sitting on the dining room table waiting for them. (And it got here so fast!!!)

It was worth wait for chores to be finished. The kids loved them! They are so beautiful and the craftsmanship of the sewing is very good. If my friends didn't already know that I am a domestic nightmare, it would be fun to pass the costumes off as my own creations. Instead, I'll let everyone know that they can get them too from Our Coats of Many Colors. These are costumes that can be passed on from child to child and then grandchildren.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I came across your blog in my search for a site to buy All Saints Day costumes. I too am creatively impaired. I think Maureen has a very legitimate concern and I think it is very difficult to express such a sentiment w/o offending. I think all of us strive to keep a good balance between being thrifty but also providing "Catholic" items for our children in order to edify and build them up. Kudos for her concern. And your reply was great. I have spent lots of money on "Catholic" items such as books and artwork for the benefit of my family. It is painful to spend the money but I think it's really necessary for my children's edification. A mother can sacrifice in other areas, such as dressing herself simply and not buying other accessories and items that many women purchase as a matter of course in our society. In sum, this is a very interesting subject to me. We should inspire a love of poverty in our family's but I think even those of us with the best of intentions realize that we can't live as monks and nuns in the vocation of marriage and motherhood. It takes money to survive in this world and it's not an easy reality to face and accept among those of us with idealistic visions of living out a life of poverty. God bless!