Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Halloween and All Saints Day Costumes

As mentioned before, I am sewing impaired. I also try to be frugal. So, when Halloween and All Saints Day rolls around, I have no desire to put together two separate costumes for two separate holidays only 24 hours apart from one another. I am the queen of converting Halloween costumes to saint costumes.

A mummy on Halloween can be Lazarus on All Saints Day.
Boys love gruesome stuff and the martyrs can't be more loved. St. Lawrence being grilled, St. Sebastian with arrows sticking out of his chest, the countless beheaded martyrs and so on. All convert well from Halloween to All Saints Day.
Little boys enjoy being a carpenter one day and St. Joseph the next.
Little girls glow at being both Indian girl and Blessed Kateri.
Soldiers become St. George the Dragon Slayer.
A queen one day is St Margaret of Scotland the next.
Angels become, well, angels.
The list goes on.

What are your favorites?

Of course, you don't have to convert the costumes. Just let them be saints for both days and then they can be little missionaires too as they go door to door asking for treats!

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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I've asked my girls to alternate years: one year a saint, the next year is free choice. Since the girls were Hogwarts students last year, it's a saintly year.

One daughter will be wearing a princess dress (middle ages) and be Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. The other will be all bloody with knife wounds to be Saint Maria Goretti. (Not for the blood - I don't think - but because she thinks St. M.G. is wonderful.)

Of course, we've been working with The Lord of the Rings, so we're already talking about being elves and dwarves and Rohan princesses and such. But that's a whole year away.

Oh, two years ago, before I put the saint rule in place, I had Saint Scholastica and Shelob trick-or-treating together. You can guess which one picked which saint just by that description. ;)